Thursday, October 18, 2007

Be the boss.

So now you want to form your own business right?
Maybe you can get something useful from this in this post, I will share my own knowledge about limited company and company formation.

A limited company is where shareholders (members or owners) have limited liability to the company's debts. It also known as a separate legal person created by incorporation at Companies House. Their liability is restricted to the value of the shares that they own or the guarantees that they signed up to. This is sometimes referred to as limited liability. It is more suitable for small businesses with a limited number of partners. is a company that can help you for this matter. What I'm trying to say is they offers company formation services to investors or businessmen who want to set up business. Currently, they have many services for you to choose.

For your information, has been awarded as the Winner of the East Midlands E-Commerce Awards 2004. and on of the finalist of National Business Awards. This is a good sign because when you deal with a good company like this, they never makes your life difficult. So form your company by visit their website now!

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