Sunday, October 07, 2007

The secret of Nantucket.

Have you ever been to Nantucket before?

Nantucket is a favorite vacation destination for Americans. Essentially Nantucket is all beach -- a boomerang-shape sand spit consisting of detritus left by a glacier that receded millennia ago. Off Cape Cod, 26 mi out to sea, the island measures 3½ by 14 mi at its widest points, while encompassing more than 100 mi of sandy shoreline, all of it open, as a matter of local pride, to absolutely everyone.

In addition to the stunning photography, this book contains a trove of information about Nantucket, past and present, along with detailed captions and a comprehensive index. This is the gift book of the year for anyone who has been to Nantucket or plans to go. Over 500 color photographs.

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