Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Royal Caribbean Cruise!

What's really included in your cruise fare?
What cabins are the best—and the worst?
What cruise line has the largest standard cabins, even at the lowest price levels? Which cruise line's ships have rock-climbing walls?

Nothing can challenge the Royal Caribbean Cruise!
There's many things you can do with Royal Caribbean Cruise. Either believe it or not, you still can do your favorite activities like river tubing, kayaking, ice skating. In fact, you'll do more than you ever thought possible in one vacation because their their Shore & Land Excursions are fun, full of adventure and very popular.

For your information, this Miami-based company also raised its earnings guidance for the rest of the year and said bookings and pricing were shaping up well for the first quarter of 2008. Royal Caribbean 2008 booking levels and ticket prices were up for the first quarter and full year versus 2007. The company expects that net yields for the first quarter 2008 will increase around mid-single digits compared to the first quarter of 2007.

You can choose your favorite ship. There's a Voyager Family, Freedom Family, Radiance Family, Sovereign Family, Vision Family and Empress Of The Seas.

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