Sunday, October 07, 2007

Golf's Holiday.

Some people like the beach, some people like the mountain and some people like to play a golf for their holiday. It depend on the individual on how they spend their own time. My father's friend Zack said his father love to play golf rather than go to the beach on their holiday.

According to him, his father is one of the big fan of Tiger Woods. I'm not sure how good his father in playing golf but all I know, his father love to surf the golf clubs website whenever he has a free time.

As for me, I never play a golf before but I do play a golf game. It's not because of the price, but I can't stand longer in the heat of the sun. My skin will get burn even I use a sunburn cream.

Anyway, if you like to get the best deal for a golf iron or even a sport and outdoor stuff, just head over to their official website and make your own comparison. I'm sure you will like it.

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