Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cruise that doesn't require a passport.

Where can you cruise that doesn't require a passport? Which port would you select to leave from that is easiest to get to.

Oh my God... I just found this question at one forum (forgot what is the name of that forum) and it really confuse. And this is the answer for that question. I hope it can give you an additional info on how to travel in the future.

It doesn't make a lot of sense.
Which port?
Where are you going?

The guy still do not need a passport if returning VIA land or sea from the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada. HOWEVER, and this is a very BIG HOWEVER, if you are forced to leave a cruise early and had to return via air -- you would have increase difficultly coming back to the US. HLS says that you would not need a passport BUT you would be subjected to "addditional screening" to determine your identity. Whatever that means !!!!

Go get a passport -- it is not worth the potential hassle not to have it.

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