Saturday, October 20, 2007

How much have you spend your blogging's money?

Now you already earned so much from your blogging job right?
So how much have you spend your blogging's money so far?

As for me, I have spend more than RM30,000.00 and I'm glad to spend my money because it's on my own effort...don't you think so?

In fact, I just saw a land for sale board near my house and I have a feeling that the land will be mine. Eventhough blogging is a tired job (you think?), but it is the best job that I ever had. I don't mind of somebody claimed blogging is the best job in the world because that's the only suitable phrase to describe it.


iCalvyn said...

so far i earn not much from blogging, i spend it to
pay my phone bill and internet bills. extra a bit for my travel only, still not enuff to buy a land

admin said...

i tell you, if you have USD15,000.00, that's mean you already have around RM50,000.00. so what you should do is find a land that have been auctioned by the bank, not the owner. in my country specially Johor, Malaysia, you still can get your dream land for that amount of money.

hope you can earn more money thru blogging. anyway, thanks for your visit calvyn!


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