Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Do you trust the room service staff?

I don't have any intention to blame any guy from room service department but this is something that I must write in this post. Most of the time, we always put our trust 100% to the room service staff untill we realise that some of our stuff was gone.

If you bring an expensive stuff beside you, you have to keep it in the drawer and don't just put it on the table. It's not about how wealthy you are, but it's how careless you are. Be smart and never let your careless fool yourself.

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This Meandering Life @Blogger said...

Thanks for writing... you gave me inspiration for a post today. I had a similar experience when I was younger and have since not been very trusting of housekeeping... Were you lucky enough to get your stuff back?

admin said...

well, i've lost my money and i've got no proof to accuse them.


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