Thursday, October 11, 2007

Best way to feel the sea breeze: CRUISE!!!!!

This is the only vacation that I am dreaming on lately. I don't know when I can go for my first cruise because all my favorite cruises was very far from my country. As an Asia's people, I always hope that somehow, someday.. I can see the ship in front of my eyes here.

Eventhough I never been for a cruise, but I always look for an info about my dream cruise vacation (if you don't believe me, you may search it in my archives) and that's included the Hawaii Cruises.

So far, Hawaii Cruises is one of the best cruise that I've ever know. I read so many good recommendation in many travel forums. You can see the Diamond Head and Waikiki from the deck as the sun sets or rises. The cruise will bring you to a different world that you never had before. You get an insight into the uniqueness of each island.

Alaska Cruises also can make your dream come true. I was told that the Alaska Cruise will sail to their two most popular routes that is Vancouver roundtrip and Seattle roundtrip. But actually, Alaska Cruise is not about the roundtrip but it's about the humpback whales, sailing fjords and impressive glaciers. Man, no wonder why Alaska aCruise always be one of the top destinations for cruise travel.

Same goes with European Cruises. But the only different is many people said if you are looking for a luxury cruise, European Cruises is the answer because one of the best ways to see and experience the magnificent and historic sites in Europe are the river cruises aboard the luxurious cruise boats.

But how expensive is it?
Actually, is not what you think and what you hear from other people. One can find a European Cruise that is quite affordable and one that fits within their budget. With, you can get a discount cruise rates for various cruise lines. In fact, they has been in business for the last 12 years and has operated a website for over the last 7 years. So if you want to have a very affordable cuise, make sure you head over to their site now!

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