Saturday, October 27, 2007

Travel tips.

I think it is an important thing for me to share these useful tips with you guys. May be some of you won't need it but for a first timer, it will be the best source before you take your first flight.

1. Only bring the necessary thing for your trip. Never bring your laptop if your destination not have an internet access.

2. Check with the airline or your travel agent before packing for your trip at least 3 days before the flight. Then check it again one day after that.

3. Ask the resort that you want to stay either they have a dobby service or not. If yes, then bring along maximum 5 clothes.

For kids:

1. If you have a "bangle or family band-tag", then ask your kids to wear it. This is so useful when you want to attend a big festival and a theme park.

2. Encourage them to remember the name of the hotel or the accomodation's name.

3. If something happen, like missing or something like that, ask them to go to nearest shopping complex (if located) and search for a help from the information counter.

Do you think this tips is useful?

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