Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm no logo designer but I can create my own logo!

Well I already have my own company at but I think there's a problem with my logo. The logo looks so simple and that's why I need to find a solution to upgrade it. (Opsss... sorry because this entry is not about travel but I do believe travelers also can get some knowledge from this entry ... to excited to share this experience!!! )

But after I saw this awesome logo design website, I know that I can do something from it. In fact, I'm quite shocked after I saw their very damn good D.I.Y logo creator. It's amazing because I just need few steps before I can see our logo in fully specs. I even can watch the 60 seconds demo ( you also can watch it if you have no idea what to do). Simple said, we can see how easy to merge the idea from other logos.

Now let me guide you on how to do it:

1- Click the TRY IF FREE icon.
2- Choose your image.
3- Fill in the data that you want to put in your "card".
4- Edit your additional with the superb drag and click tools at the right side of the Logoyes logo design platform.
5- Tadaaaaaa....! Now you're done! Hey look at my new logo design below:

Hey, I’m no designer but the tools in this site really makes me look so professional. But if you think the logo looks bad, just forgive me. It’s only because of my skills. Wahahahaha...!!!!

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