Sunday, December 16, 2007

I will survive.

I heard so many bloggers now can't survive with blogging. It's sad to hear it but as a true blogger, you must know how to find another way to make money online. You can create more blog for your pagerank and create more good contents to get more visitors.

Tomorrow is not the end and I'm sure you can find alternative to achieve your goal. But please don't do stupid thing. Don't put yourself in danger and don't try to make friend with drug addicts. If not, the drug rehab wil always waiting for you. So chill up and always smile!

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ajacx said...

salam...aku da bnda bawu nk tunjuk kat ko..ehehe...

join r bawah aku..ehehe...kite same2 tolong...
bnda ni leh caye..ko join la bawah aku...bnda ni mmg bagi payout..kalu ko xcaye

g laman ni


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