Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Saga Cruise.

Last time, I did put an entry about Star Cruise Malaysia, so this time.. I will share a little bit of info about Saga Cruise.

Saga Holidays, the UK-based tour company founded in 1951 and designed to offer vacation packages to mature travelers, started its cruise program in 1975 with charter sailings.

After building a twenty-year reputation for comfortable cruise travel, Saga purchased its first ship in 1996, the venerable Sagafjord, and renamed it Saga Rose. Following the success of Saga Rose, her former sister-ship Vistafjord was acquired in 2004 and sails as Saga Ruby.

Activities and entertainment range from dance lessons to presentations of West End-style productions, from computer software lessons to lectures on wide-ranging topics. Wine-tasting, deck game competitions, classical concerts, and even Bingo are found on the daily programs. These ships have card rooms, but you won't find casinos.

Well, I think this cruise is very suitable for Muslim because there's no casinos!

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