Friday, September 14, 2007

Star Cruise- made in Malaysia.

I am very proud to our national Star Cruise company because they become more famous right know. With many complimentaries and also great feedback, I believe Star will be the 1st great suiise in the world in the future

Actually, Star Cruise is one of the big project under Genting Group. It was incorporated in September 1993, representing a bold initiative to tap Asia-Pacific’s potential as an international cruise destination.

Today, Star Cruises epitomises the fulfillment of regional aspirations to establish the cruise industry in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing increased tourism traffic into the countries around Asia-Pacific. Asian holidaymakers now see cruising as an exciting and value-for-money vacation. Simultaneously, it also started the influx of travellers from North America, Europe and Australia, who joined Star Cruises holidays for a glimpse of the various sights and sounds of Asia-Pacific.

So for those who still never see a pictures of all Star Cruise's star, here are some pictures for you:


Dr.Raj Kumar said...

Star Virgo-Security allows thefts-Permits thieves to carry goods safely with them!
I am Dr. Raj Kumar .I was in your Superstar Virgo Cruise-from 23-09-07 to 26-09-07
My cabin No. was 5062 and I was an ICC group member booked by SOTC
my camera-canon S31S with all my memories in it & with all accessories, vanished from my table no.16 ,from Mediterranean Dining hall, on 25-09-07,when I just left the table and was chatting with a friend for a while.
Immediately matter was reported to the security, at 10.15 PM.
After that there was NO HELP COMING FROM SECURITY.
I told them that CCTV camera is bang opposite the table no.16 and reviewing the recordings of that camera, for a period from 8PM to 10 PM (in Mediterranean,) for table no 16, will show us who lifted the camera bag. I also told them that once passengers leave the ship, it will not be possible to catch the thief or recover the camera, I also requested them that I can better identify people from my ICC group, who all have come from India and those only were there in Mediterranean, and also that security staff will save lots of time, which otherwise they will have to spend in identifying the culprit!
BUT all my requests were lost to deaf ears.
My formal complaints are:
1) I lost my costly belongings On board in Star Cruise-YOUR Security domain.
2.)I reported the matter formally in time at 10.15 PM-25-09-07
3.)There was enough time to check the recordings from the CCTV ,since I was giving you exact table no; exact Hall and Exact time duration ,when the camera was stolen
4.)Despite all this-No announcement was made to pressurize the thief, no bags were scanned,
5.) I was not allowed to check along with security, for CCTV recordings
6.) In fact, because of your lapses, thief was literally “allowed” to disembark from the ship with my costly camera bag even 21 HRS after the matter was formally reported.
7.) My belongings were stolen in your ship. Once stolen NO REAL ATTEMPT WAS MADE TO RECOVER THEM.ALL THAT FOLLOWED WAS AN EYE WASH!
My “right to information” was denied to me.
My “right to trace out and recover” my stolen camera was negated.
My requests to enable me check for the thief of my personal property, were over-ruled /turned down and in fact were suppressed ,ignored and negated by your security staff in the name of procedural limitations.
To present and protect your image of being a clean and “all is hunky dory on board “ type of cruise ship, you willfully ignored my basic rights, as a citizen of a civilized society and my legal rights to save, protect, trace and recover my property from a thief, which otherwise you could have done easily, with proper & timely review of CCTV recordings.
8.) Please tell me “Why a legal procedure should not be initiated against you, for the recovery of the cost of lost goods, along with compensation for the harassment I suffered, because of complacent and un-cooperative security staff on your ship?”
Please note that this letter is a formal intimation for a legal action I am planning against your intentional and willful negation to my basic civil rights as a person and passenger both. Till I finalize the methods for finding the right legal channel to do so, you may remain informed.
Dr. Raj Kumar(Lalwani) (
80/78,Ist Floor, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 110017.

admin said...

wooo doctor raj,

that was a bad experience I've ever heard. but trust me, this things can be solved. i hope the management will read comment because I believe they will not put their credibility down for this kind of case.


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