Thursday, September 06, 2007

Conservatories- holiday at your home.

I always watch a documentary about life at Travel and Living channel. Once I have a chance to watch the life of the resident of U.K and the best part is when they show a new trend of the home owner that using their extra space at their home for Conservatories.

It's like a holiday at your home but this time, you will see the world transparently from your conservatories. It looks so unique and certainly this is one of the great home improvement from U.k resident that every country should have.


Anonymous said...

alamak dik.. sana sejuk boleh buat camtu..
sini matahari terik.. dok tempat redup jugak yg best..

Ombak said...

no problem with that, we can install an air-cond right? kita buat dia, bukan dia buat kita... don't you think so?


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