Friday, September 14, 2007

Asia News Blog.

I am so glad today because I just found another new blog abour travelling. The most part that I like about this blog is, it was created just for asia travel news. As an Asian people, I am very happy because I can get more info about travelling from that blog.

As we know, Asia is the biggest region in the world. By that reason, I think the time has come for any individual or any organisation to build more blog about Asia.There's so many things about Asia that peoples in this world should know.

Other than that, this blog also have unique contents that really helpful. For an example, I'm so interested with one of the post titled "Ten Things To Do If You Are Trapped On An Island". This is a useful tips for some people like me. Maybe some of you might think that this is a nonsense tips, but you yourself can't even predict what will happen tomorrow. Am I right?

Even this blog is still 3 months old, but I believe this blog will gain many visitors because they always put a good content like this post titled The Largest Attraction in the World. In fact, I really want to exchange link with this blog. If only I can.....

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