Saturday, September 29, 2007

Accessories to bring for your holiday.

I just received a comment from Dr. Raj Kumar for my Star Cuise entry ( regarding his bad experience on Virgo Cruise vacation. I'm feel really sorry for him but I believe it can be settled.

He lost his camera-canon S31S on that board and according on what his said, he really angry with the security department. But all I can say is be careful with your stuff wherever you are. Not to mention about how bad the service are because nobody want this thing to be happened.

The conclusion is, don't bring too many valuable accessories while you were on holiday because it's too risky. Same goes with your watch. Don't ever try to wear an expensive watch like Rolex because it will put your life in danger. It will be okey if you wear a simple, affordable and good watch like Skagen watches.

Happy holiday!

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