Sunday, September 23, 2007

Structured plan for the future.

Many of us still don't understand what is the meaning of structured settlement. I would say that out of 10, only 5 of us that really know how structured settlement works. Actually, structured settlement is a financial agreement between two or more parties that plaintiff compromise a statutory cyclic payment contract.

The basic definition of structured settlement is, an allowance given to the beneficiary of a financial award. Let’s say that your best cousin is injured in an accident. If you want to help your cousin in this case, you must go for a personal injury lawsuit and try to win the case. As for the result, maybe structured settlement would be the answer.

Your cousin will get his money periodically. But you have to keep in your mind that because it is tailor-made for individual cases, the structure may also include some immediate payment to cover special damages. Anyway, you also can sell the remaining payments of the structured settlement and in return get cash.

Is it true?
Yup and if you think that you need more information about this, just click here for further question.

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