Thursday, September 13, 2007

Accomline - accommodation blog.

I just found a blog that have a travel niche and I think it can be related with this blog. It has many travel posts that talk about accommodation news. Even the blog just 3 months old, but I can see that this blog will gain many traffic because they have many topics that can be useful for a traveller or even an individuals who like to go for a holiday.

What I like about this blog is the author also include their own
accommodation stories. As a blogger, this is a good story to read for. You also can read it from the blog. Just point your cursor to the categories and you will it.

The blog also got a news for any accommodation updates. I believe this is a good info and if they keep inform their visitors about the best rate for accomodation, they will make this blog as their referrer each time they want to go for a holiday. By getting the latest info about accommodation, they can make their budget and this is something that people always look for, isn't it?

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