Monday, September 03, 2007

Missionary travel agency.

This is my first post about missionary travel. Normally, I prefer to make an entry about normal travel agency. So for those who never heard of missionary travel before, you just come to the right blog at the right post and at the right time.

This is something related with a good thing. What I mean is missionary travel is offering a unique flights for individual, church groups, or missionary organizations. They offering an easily flight and the lowest travel airfare as long as it's for a good intention and also for a nice people. They have different missionaries that are delighted to assist in the evangelistic spread of the gospel and that's include pastor, a Bible college instructor and also and a former child-care worker.

These people is serving for God. So just spread out this good news in your blog. No matter who are we (Muslim, Buddhism, Christian or Hinduism), we have to support it because good thing must not be stopped!

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