Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to Trinidad!

I've never been to Trinidad before but I do have a dream to go there. Eventhough I don't have any experience about Trinidad, but I always watch the documentary about it on tv.

If you are a big fan of soccer, I'm sure you know how good is their team at last World Cup. Since that day, soccer is become one of the most popular sport in the country.Trinidad and Tobago team is nicknamed “soca warriors”, an allusion to the traditional calypso music.

As a small paradise island in the Caribbean, Trinidad also got it's own attractions. You even can travel all day long from one place to another place because there are plenty of ways to explore the islands. Trinidad had a very good road networking and you also may to consider a cruise or even chartering your own yacht.

Not only that, Trinidad also famous of his bird watching attraction. You can watch many species of birds at the veranda, but there is also a host of birding tours in the surrounding mountains and you only can do it after you reach at West Indies, Trinidad. It is located in the Northern Range Mountains on the island at an elevation of over 1,000 feet.

So if you look for a true vacation that has many acticities to do, just give your chance to visit this place because I also will do that when the time is come, For the time being, let me make money first, then we can talk about flight ticket!

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