Monday, September 10, 2007

Holiday moment on a blanket!

So how was your holiday?
Is it boring or fun?

Nevermind, you still can continue your holiday just from your bedroom because photo throw will make sure you feel the holiday environment even on your blanket.

Yes, don't you know that you can put all your holiday pictures on a blanket?
Actually, is providing a magic service where you can put your pictures in a single of blanket. No matter what type of layout that you want, you still can realise it with the photo throw. As long as you have a digital photo, you can get your own amazing blanket by a few clicks.

This is an amazing arts for a big family like me. All I have to do is just find my own favorite pictures and send it to I don't have bother about the quality of the blanket because will supply a high quality of the blanket so that it won't be dented when you want to wash it.

Brilliant art, huh!


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