Friday, March 28, 2008

Need a blogger template?

How often do you change your blogger template?
Is it once a week, once a month or once a year?
Or do you still don't have a suitable template yet for your blog?

Well, if the answer is YES, then I think you just come to the right post. It's because I am going to share with you about a website that I used to visit. Actually, this is one of my reference web that I always visit when I start blogging.

The website has many useful tips and info. Not only for template, but the site also has many info about best web hosting company that you can rely on. What I'm trying to say if want to have your own domain, then you should know what which one web hosting company that you can refer.

Frankly, the site I'm talking about is Kaushal Sheth dot com. He is one of the famous themes maker that world ever known. If you have use his Wordpress theme, then you will know how great the theme is.

Anyway, you also can read many infos about blogging because he also a good blogger. A good site always has their own loyal readers, that what I have learned from him. He has many loyal readers who waiting for his next article. So can you!

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