Monday, November 26, 2007

Be generous.

Are you planning to go for a holiday on this Christmas eve?
Well, if you do, I just want to wish a very Christmas holiday for you and your family. but before you go, I just wanna share some informations that maybe attract you as a generous person.

I know that maybe some of you has spend and donate thousand bucks for your own charity. What I'm trying to say is maybe you have spend some of your cash for a charity but today, I want to tell you that there's a way for you to involve with a charity programme wihthout spend any little penny from your pocket!

Have you heard about any news or something that related with Car Angel Car Donations before?
As a legally incorporated nonprofit organization, is become one of the most famous organization in the country. For me, any charity will be okey no matter how small it is. Car Angel actually are actively involved in helping single mothers, orphans, the homeless, teens, and others needing help. It's a great and unique non profit company that accepts car donations as their main “material”.

Donate a Car is of their trade mark. Means that, people like you can donate your own old car that stayed in your garage for a decade of century. Hey I'm not joking because this is the only way for you to help others people without taking out your own cash from your pocket. Eventhough it's just an old car, but the contribution is big.

Not only that, you also can teach yourself to be a good generous person. As for me, the good karma will always be in my side whenever I do a good thing to others people. in fact, the government also will "bless" you as a donator. For your information, you will have more the advantages when you donate. You will receive your IRS tax deduction and you can cancel your insurance the same day and keep your license plates. They even handle all of the paperwork for you. The title work, the repair negotiations, whatever it takes to get your car going so they can use it.

Remember, your car will be used to help distribute educational materials, homeless, teen and adult rehab, single mothers and food for orphans. As for me, I will be glad of I can donate my car because there's a little gift for me that is
Free Children's DVDs. Hey, get more info on this because you will not be regret it once you've donate your car!

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Jeff Barry said...

I just finished reading this blog and found it to be interesting reading. Thanks for posting it.


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