Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mom's gadget.

Last Sunday was the best day for me and my parent. We went to Malacca for a one day trip just for fun. Woaa....Malacca has been change so much. The best moment for me is when we start talking about the story about our past life. I mean the story when I was child.

My past life actually was not so good to tell. We through a hard time together because we are so poor. My dad can't afford to buy me a toy even once a year for (my birthday). So what I did, I always be nice to my neighbour so that I can play with them.

But now, things getting different. Kids in this time and age will not gonna face the same thing like what I've gone through. They can play with many toys.. even a 2 ringgit arts and crafts. But the questions is, do that arts and crafts materials that they're playing with is safe for them?

Well I think their parents should check it. If not, they should consider to get these good Ceramic Clays and Modeling clays for their child.

To all moms, please make sure about this. Make all your kids toys as your gadget. Then only you will know how important your childs life.


Michael Woo said...

lol.. lampusepuluh is the... vibrator ar? :O

admin said...

no laaaa.. it mean's torch light!


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