Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sharing is caring.

Living in a big city sometimes makes me thinking how it gonna end. I mean how these people appreciate their life. How they gonna survive in it and how they will react with a situation that will push them to the limit.

As we know, people in the big cities normally have a big career and once, many of them will put their high priority to their job. Almost 70% of them don't put their family's priority at the second place. It is not a good sign at the end of the day, they will missed the golden time with their kids and their wife.

But don't just judge them just like that. They have to do that because of the cost of living. They need to support their family. That's why care home always be the first choice for them. As for me, it doesn't matter because as long as they got a love to share, it's better than nothing.

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