Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blogging: My full time job.

It takes 2 years for me to be a full time blogger. The reason for me to be a full time blogger is because I know that blogging is one of the job that I can suit with. I don't need to waste my time on the road, I don't need to hear a horn sound and I don't need to make myself miserable just because of my dateline job.

Actually, I never thought that I will a full time blogger. I don't even know what is a blog in 2005. But after I read an article about "how to get yourself a personal electronic diary with Google" in the newspaper, then I tried to get one for myself. Plus, one of my friend (Sid) also told me the same thing and he is the one who showed me that bloggers can make money from a programme called Google Adsense. Since that day, I learned many things about blogging, HTML, script, keyword density, SEO and also how to attract more visitors to our site.

Basically, I am not an IT geek. In fact, I'm only a cooker at one of the restaurant in my area. Every night (after work), I will get online and I will read any info that's relate with blogging. Untill now, I don't believe how a cooker like me can turned himself to an IT geek. I know how to create template, I know how to "hack", I know how to coding (a little bit) and I know how to create a traffic just from a SEO.

You also can be like me. If you thing that you don't have any IT background, don't worry because you can learn it by yourself. Where there's a will, there's a way. As for me, I am proud with myself because now, I already have my own domain blogs. Here is some of my blogs:

1) Cool Site For Online People-
2) Money Buzz Online-
3) Probably the blog you're looking for- (in progress)
4) Your Videos Archive- (in progress)
5) The Republic Of Gadget- Bloggerman
6) Multilink Source For Entertainment- Videos-Games-Link

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