Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Travel Blog.

I'm sure this is the best summer for us right?
So what's next?
Am I going to see your sweet pictures that you took?

Hey, it's okey if you don't want to show me your pictures but it is better if you build a blog just for that reason. Like this travel blog, this is a good example for those who loves to travel. I really like this kind of blog because it looks "live".

Realtravel is a new online community that different from other online community. What I mean is Realtravel will lets people like us to find and share the detailed advice and experiences on places around the world. Realtravel also has been rewarded as the Best Online Community from ATLAS Awards 2007, Association of Travel Marketing Executives.

So if you think that Realtravel can give a best space for you express your travel and holiday experience, why not you grab this chance by sign up one blog for yourself. Don't worry because you have your own 100% authority to control your blog.

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