Saturday, July 21, 2007

Smart Tips to Using the RSS

RSS is one of today’s favorite ways to get instant information to the public. RSS can serve notice of anything you want it to. If you use RSS, you already know the basics in making this technology work for you. Here are 3 of the top ways to advance your profitable RSS program.

1. Let Others Know About It
Get on blogs and forums and let your readers in on it. Profitable RSS depends on numbers as well as quality, so blog it, write it, and put it in your signature on your email and forum posts. This way you can get notices out to more people than ever before about what you’re doing. It’s sort of a marketing program for your marketing program and lets them know you are there.

2. Streamline Your RSS Operations
There is always new technology being invented and used every day, and some of those involve RSS mixers. These days you can combine all of your feeds into one to create a more profitable RSS program. This makes more effective work done with less effort and bandwidth.

3. Mix Your Media
Want to boost your RSS subscriptions? Try a simulcast. Releasing RSS feed with a podcast can substantially increase your subscription numbers. This also helps increase subscriptions to your podcast in return. This type of mutual benefit also works with websites. An increase in RSS and podcasts combined with website links means increased reader numbers and a much more profitable RSS program. This is what you want.

Thanks James.

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