Monday, July 16, 2007

New Zealand: Stunning Scenary

It's still in summer season right?
So where have you been so far?
Or are you still looking for another next trip?

If you do, how about a plan to go for a next holiday in New Zealand? Yup, New Zealand is the most "fresh country" in the world. New Zealand also are well-known for their whales and other amazing marine animals. In fact, New Zealand is one of the ultimate travel destinations in the Southern Hemisphere because it has everything, right from beaches to mountains, from big cities to small towns and from cute yard to a big wide of green stunning scenery.

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. Nowadays, finding a Cheap Hotels in Auckland is not a difficult thing to do anymore. We can do it just via online. Auckland also has a very good landscape, climates, and places to explore. So make sure you know how to get a good rate for your accomodation.

Same goes with Christchurch.
For those who're looking for a place to take a ride on the tram around the central city, this is the best place for you to stay. Well, this a perfect place of you bring your parent. They don't need a long walk for their holiday. One for sure, here you will see many red buses and schoolboys in straw boaters and white cricket flannels. And don't worry, you also can get a good rate for your Hotels in Christchurch via online.

Then, you can continue your trip to Wellington. For your information, Wellington's name is a special name for me. When I was 17, I had an offer from Wellington High School (further my study) but I have to reject it because my parent can't afford to pay the fees. But, I still have a dream to go to Wellington. It's a very well known place for many educational institutions. I hope I can book my first reservation Hotels in Wellington soon.

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