Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wise budget at

Now let’s talk about a dream vacation.
Actually, I just got an idea how to make next year vacation more interesting so that I can put in my new travel blog. I want to make my next vacation as unique as I can. What I'm trying to say here is that I want to travel from one city to another city in alphabetical order. I must start with an “A” city like Amsterdam and then go to another B-city like “Barcelona”… followed by “C-city” like China and "D-city" like Dublin.

Am I serious?
Yup, why not?
As long as I know how to control my budget and my expenses, there's nothing can stop me to proceed with my project. In fact, I will start it next year, not this year because I need a time to add more fund for the project. Being a full time blogger is not a big problem because I still can do my job anytime and anywhere as I want.

One of the main reason for me to do this project is because I know how to get a best price for my accomodation. I have to give a priority for my accomodation budget. If not, I have to pay for a large amount just for that. Basically, cost of accomodation will be the main factor why most of us don't go for a holiday right?

How to get the best deal for our accomodation?
Well, simple. You can check it via online. Just go to take a your because there's many best rate for an accomodation. Let me give you an example. can offer you discounts up to 75% on hotel rooms in a number of carefully selected well managed hotels in Amsterdam. This is what we're looking right?

Now be smart and the more saving we make, the more places we can go!

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, Am I serious? How was your trip mate?




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