Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to Trinidad!

I've never been to Trinidad before but I do have a dream to go there. Eventhough I don't have any experience about Trinidad, but I always watch the documentary about it on tv.

If you are a big fan of soccer, I'm sure you know how good is their team at last World Cup. Since that day, soccer is become one of the most popular sport in the country.Trinidad and Tobago team is nicknamed “soca warriors”, an allusion to the traditional calypso music.

As a small paradise island in the Caribbean, Trinidad also got it's own attractions. You even can travel all day long from one place to another place because there are plenty of ways to explore the islands. Trinidad had a very good road networking and you also may to consider a cruise or even chartering your own yacht.

Not only that, Trinidad also famous of his bird watching attraction. You can watch many species of birds at the veranda, but there is also a host of birding tours in the surrounding mountains and you only can do it after you reach at West Indies, Trinidad. It is located in the Northern Range Mountains on the island at an elevation of over 1,000 feet.

So if you look for a true vacation that has many acticities to do, just give your chance to visit this place because I also will do that when the time is come, For the time being, let me make money first, then we can talk about flight ticket!

The best of Thailand.

If you need a break from shopping on Silom Road, this is the place to try -- the food is delicious and quite a bargain. Try the baked crab with glass noodles, grilled black band fish, or grilled pork with coconut milk dip. The menu also offers 11 equally scrumptious vegetarian selections. Note that there's a B400 minimum if you want to use a credit card. American Express, Mastercard and Visa is accepted.

Or if you never been to Thailand before, maybe this Fodor's Thailand, 10th Edition book is suitable for you to read. It will tell you many things throughout the country to find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities to prepare you for a journey of stunning variety. Before you leave for your trip be sure to pack your Fodor's guide to ensure you don't miss a thing.

Funny holiday experience.

I have a funny experienced when I went to Sibu Island last year. It's about one family from Indonesia. They never been to this island before and the funny story that I want to share it here is actually happened at a dinner time.

The story began when their father (old man) want to go to the toilet. So after 15 minutes, the son asked her mother where is their father because their father still not come back from the toilet. After that, all their family members take away from their dinner table and rush back to the toilet.

Now the funny thing is their father actually forgot to wear his protective underwear and you know what happened after that. Opsss.... their father is just 3 metres from the toilet door and.......

Accessories to bring for your holiday.

I just received a comment from Dr. Raj Kumar for my Star Cuise entry ( regarding his bad experience on Virgo Cruise vacation. I'm feel really sorry for him but I believe it can be settled.

He lost his camera-canon S31S on that board and according on what his said, he really angry with the security department. But all I can say is be careful with your stuff wherever you are. Not to mention about how bad the service are because nobody want this thing to be happened.

The conclusion is, don't bring too many valuable accessories while you were on holiday because it's too risky. Same goes with your watch. Don't ever try to wear an expensive watch like Rolex because it will put your life in danger. It will be okey if you wear a simple, affordable and good watch like Skagen watches.

Happy holiday!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Arirang Festivals at North Korea.

This is one of the big event at South Korea that attracts many tourists from all over the world. It is called Arirang Festivals and featuring massive stadium performances, the events have been held once or twice a year since 2002.

South Korea was then in the global spotlight as co-host with Japan of the World Soccer Cup, and the North sought a way to capture some of the attention--and money. Arirang is the name of a Korean folk song about two lovers torn apart. It becomes a metaphor in festival events, though, where political overtones urge the reuniting of the North and South--for example, by depicting the Korean peninsula as one country.

So if you think you want to be apart of this festivals, make sure you have a friend at South Korea.

Kauai's Na Pali Coast.

Maybe some of you already familiar with Kauai, but have you ever heard of Napali before?
Actually, Napali has many attractions for many tourists like us. Napali Coast is like a paradise and a heaven for a person who like to have their privacy. Just because of their land structure, many tourists sometimes feel it's quite hard to stay at Napali.

I was told that Napali has many originally spectacular feature for visitors. Napali is not like what we think. If you never come to this place, maybe you will feel different because it's not like a Miami beach or other Hawaii beach as what you think. Napali is stand narrow valleys ending abruptly at the sea. It's truly a land of paradise. There are no roads in or along the Na Pali Coast, but it is accessible by hiking, boating, kayaking or from a helicopter. It's full of thrill!

But there's something that you will never forget about Napali. If I have a chance to stay here, I bet this will be the best holiday I have ever had. Napali also offers many beautiful activities around the Kauai itself. Just get out from your chalet and go for a Kauai whale watching. You will sea the big mammals on earth in front of your eyes. The whales journey across vast oceans, navigating by instinct alone. What an incredible experience.

Or, if you feel scared to watch the whales, just consider to have a Kauai snorkeling tours. Man.. there was so many things to do at Kauai's Na Pali Coast. The only thing that you should not forget is definitely your digital camera. If you don't bring your camera, I can say that will be your wasted holiday ever.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Online money.

Who said blogger cannot make money from home?
I just prove it by getting about USD2000 for this month. You also can do it because internet is a free world. Everybody can make money from it. If you think you can't make money because you are a house wife, I said it again.. you are wrong.

For you information, there's many source for you to work at home. All you need is a little bit of your free time, a computer and also an internet access. Then you can start by reading more about how to make money online from home. Remember, where there's a will , there's a way.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Spirit holiday at Malibu.

Sometimes, I don't get why certain people love to take drug whenever they're facing a problem. They always think that drug is the best solution to forget their problem but actually it's not.

We can't hide from our problem but we have to face it. If we keep continue to use drug as our solution, it will give a bad effect for our own body in the long term. In fact, we will destroy our own future because this generally done as a reaction to a behavior or situation that seems out of control to us.

If I have a chance to help this kind of people, I will recommend them to go for a holiday at Malibu drug rehab. This is one of the best place for everybody that have a big with their addiction. It's located in Los Angeles County north of Zuma Beach and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. For your information, it is one of the good place for the people who want to help themselves from their addiction.

Actually, CliffSideMalibu is not a normal rehab center that we've always seen. The Malibu rehab programs are among the most successful in the world and it is a location where they will take good care of you and respect you. You will get an exclusive access to such outdoor activities as hiking, horse riding and even surfing.

Just in case you want more information about this great rehab center, why not you head over to their site and drop an email for a further treatment class.

£15,000 a night?

This is not a joke. This is a true rate if you want to stay one night at Ty Warner Penthouse on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, that standard-bearer of discreet wealth and impeccable taste in mid-Manhattan.

Checking in costs nearly £15,000 a night – hardly a bargain compared to the next most expensive contenders: the Imperial Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva (£11,500) and the Presidential Suite at the Martinez in Cannes (£9,000).

Why is so expensive?

It's because you will get the best views of the city – and, whether it’s to your taste or not, a symphony of Italian marble, Venetian velvet and Han Dynasty vases turned into table lamps. Let’s not forget the perks, either: a butler, exclusive use of a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce and all the free booze you can drink.

source: ultratravel.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Structured plan for the future.

Many of us still don't understand what is the meaning of structured settlement. I would say that out of 10, only 5 of us that really know how structured settlement works. Actually, structured settlement is a financial agreement between two or more parties that plaintiff compromise a statutory cyclic payment contract.

The basic definition of structured settlement is, an allowance given to the beneficiary of a financial award. Let’s say that your best cousin is injured in an accident. If you want to help your cousin in this case, you must go for a personal injury lawsuit and try to win the case. As for the result, maybe structured settlement would be the answer.

Your cousin will get his money periodically. But you have to keep in your mind that because it is tailor-made for individual cases, the structure may also include some immediate payment to cover special damages. Anyway, you also can sell the remaining payments of the structured settlement and in return get cash.

Is it true?
Yup and if you think that you need more information about this, just click here for further question.

Merry Christmas..ho..ho..hoo

Christmas is just about 3 months ahead and maybe some of you just started to make a preparation. Like one of my neighbour, she already make some tiny surprised preparation for this next coming Christmas.

She don't want to tell me what kind of surprised that she work on but she just tell me that it's a christmas gift ideas. Woaaa... it sounds too great and I really want to know it. Anyway, I think I will wait untill the this Christmas.

How about you?
Do you want to make a surprise for this Christmas?


It's time for we as a traveler to learn more on IT subject today. So what we gonna share here now?

Well, today we will going to share some info about has the everything that you need from intranet and intranet software. This software will be very useful if you run your own business because it has many features like website content management, group scheduling, business e-mail solutions and etc. Plus, there is a 30 Day free trial of their software.

The only thing that you should do is go to their site and contact them. You also can get many informations on their products and services as well as live demos. So next time, if you want to go for a holiday, you don't have a problem with your online documentation anymore.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

London restaurants.

London is a very popular place for shopping and entertainment. If you’re a person who love to shopping in London, definitely you will get familiar with this luxury design boutiques of Knightsbridge and Mayfair. Same thing if you like to spend your time by eating at London restaurants, you must have an enough pound to spend for your meal. If not, just find a restaurant that can fix with your budget.

Simply said that if you don’t have enough pound, don’t ever dream to go to this place. Moreover, we already knew that London ranks the third most expensive city in the world.

From Moscow with love.

I always watch this building on the tv but I never make any entry about it in this blog. Untill i read it at, then only I think how beautiful this building is.

This building was the gateway to the Gulag, from whose clutch few travellers returned. In the square below stood the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Cheka, a predecessor of the KGB, and the most feared man in Russia before Stalin.

All I know, this building was included in the Michale Jackson video clip that is Black & White. Hope I can be there on day.

Conservatories for your house.

I guess I know what are you looking for your next wedding anniversary. It's a conservatories that you're looking for right?

Well, it's not bad to have a good home improvements since you shift to a new house. For me, conservatories is like a place where you can relax and enjoy for your hi tea. Reading newspaper and have a chat on the weekend with your wife is a perfect way to create the bonding after work 6 days a week. In fact, you also can get more quality time with your family.

Many people don't realise how good is to have a conservatories in their house. Conservatories is not just an extra space for your house, but it also a space where you can create a good environment rather than bring your family for an outdoor activities. You can watch and monitor your childs in front of your eyes because conservatories is a transparent room where the wall is made from a glass.

So if you think you want to give your family another useful space in your house, don't forget to look for more info at

Monday, September 17, 2007

Costa Rica- beautiful paradise in central America.

Still looking a place for your honeymoon?
Why not give a time to look for more info about the beauty paradise in central America, Costa Rica ? It is known as top honeymoon destination in the world.

Costa Rica Travel list is the best option for your honeymoon because this is the places where you can spend your time the most. As long as you want to have fun, Costa Rica Information site is already there to help you.

By the way, if you want to look for a better accommodation, just don't forget to get at Costa Rica Real Estate. There's many type of accommodation and resort for you to choose. Make your honeymoon as sweet as you can allright!

The Beau-Rivage Palace.

Do you have any experience staying at the Beau-Rivage Palace before?
I have a dream to stay in this luxury hotel but I know that it will on a dream. Nobody will sponsor me for that reason. While many of the world's finest hotels have been snapped up by global empires or grown into chains, the Beau-Rivage has remained independent and true to the tradition of impeccable Swiss service.

The Beau-Rivage Palace by the port of Ouchy in Lausanne, Switzerland, ranks among the most prestigious hotels in Europe. Since 1861 and the days of the Victorian Grand Tour, this Belle-Epoque gem has been letting out rooms and now has a guest book to rival any.

If only I can stay there for my 1st honeymoon....

Best parent.

So you just came back from your 1st honeymoon huh?
Still in the mood of a wedding?

Well I guess the time has come for you to think about your preparation to be a new mom and new dad. You will take that responsible 9 months from now, don't you?

I have a good website for you to get more info about a new mom and new dad. The site also provides parenting resources that you're looking all this time. With only just a few clicks, the info will be in front of you. Actually, this is not only a site for you to shop online but it's more than that. Tis is a site where you can read many reviews and learn many experiences from others parent about certain products that you never use before.

By sharing all the info in one site, it will be more easier and can save your time especially if you're a busy couple. Sharing is caring right?

Greatest Palm In The World.

Most of us already know who is DOnald Trump, but does anybody know about his son?
Donald Trump Jr. is executive vice president of development and acquisitions at The Trump Organization, which his father founded in 1980. Trump Jr.'s latest project is the 60-story Trump International Hotel & Tower, a condo hotel and residence on The Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island in the Persian Gulf.

Dubai is a very exciting place to be as a developer. In New York, if you want to build a two-story building, someone's going to spite you and say it's too tall. Over there, you have the freedom to build what you want. If it makes sense and works out economically, you are limited only by your imagination and the laws of physian.

The Dubai beaches are nice, very well-maintained and the water is very warm, so getting in the ocean is incredibly comfortable. The water is clear, and what's great about the Arabian Gulf is that at its deepest point, it's never really more than 18 meters [60 feet] deep. You don't have to deal with waves--it's a very serene setting. At night, if you look back from the beach up to Dubai itself and see all the construction going on, you feel like you're in two places at once.

*** thanks to Sophia Banay for her experience.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sensational Villa Vacations.

Done with five-star resorts?
Over luxury suites?
Things could be worse.Still, if you want a taste of high living without having to deal with nosy neighbors or throngs of tourists, you might want to look into taking on a second home--via a villa.

Some villas come equipped with full staffs seemingly of another era. Renting the Villa Il Borro, nestled among the vineyards of Tuscany, Italy, means getting the services of a butler, a maid and a dinner chef. The Ferragamo family-owned property features 10 bedrooms, 10 baths, a fitness room, a garden-view terrace and two swimming pools--one indoor, one outdoor. This kind of luxury doesn't come cheap: Prepare to shell out 33,000 euros (about $44,550) for a week's stay.

Oh my God.... that's was so expensive huh!!

Construction loan.

Many of us always think that home loans and Construction Loans is bring the same meaning. Actually , it is not because finding construction loans for homes is not as easy as finding a regular home loan. In other words, the home construction loan can be called a story loan, which is to be understood before a decision is made. In a certain place, it also known as one of the loans that require interest-only payments during construction.

Before applying for a home construction loan you need to figure out how much it is going to cost you. This is important because with a new home construction loan, there will be no home to use as collateral because the home is still to be built.

Texas Construction loans is an example company that can provide construction loans. Normally, the interest rate of this loan is decided on the basis of various factors, such as, the stage of work, agreement among the parties and so on.

But I suggest you to read more on the terms at their website.

Truck Driver.

Many of my friends still don't have a confident to be a truck driver because they think truck driver is a cheap career for their life. They said truck driver is a job that have a high risk for accident in their daily life. Is it true or it's just a normal opinion from them?

For me, maybe they right and maybe they're wrong. Everybody has their own perception about this matter. But as long as as I know, many of the truck drivers nowadays still don't know how Truck Accident Lawyer can help them in the future. This is so important because for the family man, this is a subject that should be placed in their 1st priority.

Actually, there's many thing for a truck driver should know. They are the people who sacrifice their energy just to make sure peoples merchandise arrived at the right time. If something happen to them in their journey, they have to handle it alone and this what makes them worried because at the same time, they must punctuate to their own time schedule. If they know their right, definitely they will understand how truck accident can benefit them.

Basically, the lawyer will file a lawsuit in the court of Law, seeking damages for the injuries sustained by the person involved in the accident. Like what Truck Accident Lawyers California did, they always give their best service to all the truck drivers. For many truck accident victims, their lives are changed forever as a result of the injuries they have suffered.

So if you think you want to be a truck driver, make sure you know how truck accident lawyer can benefit for you. Accident is not only for a truck drivers, it’s a something that we can’ predict. On top of that, be positive and always learn to be a professional truck driver because knowledge is everything. Experience and knowledge is the key to success.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Find the Time

It's not always easy to find time to get away on a vacation, but thanks to CVOA you can get a Caribbean villa rental that gives you the comfort of home on a beautiful tropical island. With their great selection of Aruba villas, not to mention their St. Martin villas, you'll be relaxing at the beach, spending time with your family, and forgetting about all your worries.

I can't think of a better way to spend my summer vacation than on a pristine island in a beautiful Caribbean villa. Spend some time there and I think you'll agree with me.

Holiday with a new truck.

That's a really beauty billet grille. It look simple, luxury and very neat. Plus, you just have a very good sport rim there. Anyway, make sure you check your new truck before you go for your holiday. new truck doesn't mean you will have no problem because technical failure is a something that we can't predict. So by sending your truck to a service center, it will make your trip more fun and enjoy.

Opss.. don't forget to send me your latest photo of your vacation so that I can put it here in this blog. Drive safe and happy good trip. Remember, don't drink and drunk

Holiday and shopping!

Seems like you're so happy with your new home theater carpet huh?

Well, it's a brilliant step for you to send all your shopping stuff thru a courier service because you don't need to bring all your stuff along your trip. You don't have to burden yourself by carrying all the shopping merchandises alone.

So be smart next time. Holiday is a something that we should enjoy, not for suffer. I hope this simple tips will make your holiday more fun and happening. Happy holiday guys!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Asia News Blog.

I am so glad today because I just found another new blog abour travelling. The most part that I like about this blog is, it was created just for asia travel news. As an Asian people, I am very happy because I can get more info about travelling from that blog.

As we know, Asia is the biggest region in the world. By that reason, I think the time has come for any individual or any organisation to build more blog about Asia.There's so many things about Asia that peoples in this world should know.

Other than that, this blog also have unique contents that really helpful. For an example, I'm so interested with one of the post titled "Ten Things To Do If You Are Trapped On An Island". This is a useful tips for some people like me. Maybe some of you might think that this is a nonsense tips, but you yourself can't even predict what will happen tomorrow. Am I right?

Even this blog is still 3 months old, but I believe this blog will gain many visitors because they always put a good content like this post titled The Largest Attraction in the World. In fact, I really want to exchange link with this blog. If only I can.....

Star Cruise- made in Malaysia.

I am very proud to our national Star Cruise company because they become more famous right know. With many complimentaries and also great feedback, I believe Star will be the 1st great suiise in the world in the future

Actually, Star Cruise is one of the big project under Genting Group. It was incorporated in September 1993, representing a bold initiative to tap Asia-Pacific’s potential as an international cruise destination.

Today, Star Cruises epitomises the fulfillment of regional aspirations to establish the cruise industry in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing increased tourism traffic into the countries around Asia-Pacific. Asian holidaymakers now see cruising as an exciting and value-for-money vacation. Simultaneously, it also started the influx of travellers from North America, Europe and Australia, who joined Star Cruises holidays for a glimpse of the various sights and sounds of Asia-Pacific.

So for those who still never see a pictures of all Star Cruise's star, here are some pictures for you:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Accomline - accommodation blog.

I just found a blog that have a travel niche and I think it can be related with this blog. It has many travel posts that talk about accommodation news. Even the blog just 3 months old, but I can see that this blog will gain many traffic because they have many topics that can be useful for a traveller or even an individuals who like to go for a holiday.

What I like about this blog is the author also include their own
accommodation stories. As a blogger, this is a good story to read for. You also can read it from the blog. Just point your cursor to the categories and you will it.

The blog also got a news for any accommodation updates. I believe this is a good info and if they keep inform their visitors about the best rate for accomodation, they will make this blog as their referrer each time they want to go for a holiday. By getting the latest info about accommodation, they can make their budget and this is something that people always look for, isn't it?

Ultimate Private Resort Rentals.

In April, Sanctuare, a marketing company that organizes private island rentals, planned a 50th birthday party for the wife of a prominent Toronto businessman on Musha Cay, a 150-acre private island in the Bahamas.

The group of 18 guests spent eight days boating, practicing yoga, swimming and snorkeling on the property's seven beaches. Dinners included a beachside tiki torch gathering with music from a five-piece band flown in from nearby Nassau, and a formal affair in a glass-walled dining room culminating in a 30-minute fireworks show.

The final bill?

Wooo.. that son of a bitch damn expensive resort! Have you ever heard the resort that so expensive like this in your life?

Don't believe it?
Check it out here!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AMO- bring it anywhere you go.

Live in a country like Malaysia is not hot as you think. Sometimes it's rainy, sometimes it's hot and sometimes it very windy. But one thing that you have to know is the weather sometimes can kill your skin.

Kill the skin?
Yes. But it's not what you think. What I'm trying to say is this kind of weather will make your skin look not cool because if we don't wear any protection like a long sleeve cloth, the pigment will getting worst.

As we know, Asian people has an unique Melanin . Melanin is specifically the pigment in the skin and it protects the skin from sunlight. But if we just depend on the Melanin only, we will see that our skin will getting darker than it should be. That's why come with their special protect skin product called AMO (Superior skin care for Asian, Mediterranean and Olive (AMO) skin types.).

So do you have delicate, sensitive skin?
If you have all this kind of symptoms, maybe the time has come for you to read more about ORIKI Cosmeceuticals products, their types and how they can help you for your skin.

As we know, skin (especially in face area) is an important sensory organ in our body because it next to eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Some individuals are born with dry skin, while others develop it over time, due to a host of factors. But there’s something that we should know. If we think our skin need a protection, don't wait any longer because our skin is very sensitive.

So, if you like to travel and still worry about your skin or you're still on your holiday, just don't forget to bring ORIKI okay!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Travelling Injuries.

Accident or any little personal injuries always make our holiday uncomfortable. It's a something that need our observation and concentration because it involved our money. So how to deal with our personal injuries?

Structured Settlement is one of the best option in this case. Because it is tailor-made for individual cases, the structure may also include some immediate payment to cover special damages. For people who don't have personal finance management skills, it provides them the management.

Actually, Structured Settlements are popular because of the benefits that they offer. It also can protect a plaintiff from having settlement funds dissipated, when they are necessary to pay for future care or needs.

So if you think you will need this structured settlements in the future,just head over to because you can get many information how it can benefit you in the future.

Travelling Secret.

Travelling is one of the enjoyful thing do. As traveler, any trip will always make them happy and fun. But there is something that you should know about travelling. What I mean is if you're a traveller who always use an airplane as your main transportation, maybe the time has come for you to get a little bit of exposure about how important Aviation Attorney in your life.

As we know, we always heard of airplane crash lately. Eventhough we has been informed about how safe our journey can be, but technical failure is a something that we can't predict. So in order to make a preparation for ourselves, we must know our own rights and our own attorney.

Aviation Law Firms is one of the best way to get more info about how important aviation attorney in your life. This is the firm who can help you if you have a problem in your flight. So if you are a family man, I think you should have your own attorney to consult you because aviation accidents still happen and can become a living nightmare for those involved.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Holiday moment on a blanket!

So how was your holiday?
Is it boring or fun?

Nevermind, you still can continue your holiday just from your bedroom because photo throw will make sure you feel the holiday environment even on your blanket.

Yes, don't you know that you can put all your holiday pictures on a blanket?
Actually, is providing a magic service where you can put your pictures in a single of blanket. No matter what type of layout that you want, you still can realise it with the photo throw. As long as you have a digital photo, you can get your own amazing blanket by a few clicks.

This is an amazing arts for a big family like me. All I have to do is just find my own favorite pictures and send it to I don't have bother about the quality of the blanket because will supply a high quality of the blanket so that it won't be dented when you want to wash it.

Brilliant art, huh!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Make your house like a resort.

Have you make any preparation for this next Christmas Eve?
Maybe it's still early but if you look at website, they already have their own latest collection for this Christmas!

From chaise, Leather Dining Chairs, Platform Bed and even a new Storage beds, it's all in here. For me, I really want to give him this black chaise for my father because he just bought a new home theater for his new bedroom. It's perfect!

The Complete Guide to Caribbean Cruises.

Now you want to go for a cruise?
What's really included in your cruise fare?
Which cabins are the best and which are the worst?
What cruise line has the largest standard cabins, and which cruise lines have rock-climbing walls?

Want to know the answer?
The answers to these and a thousand other cruise-related questions can be found in Fodor's new guide to Caribbean cruises.

Out station souvenior!

When you're out station for a week or more than a week, what's keep playing in your mind each time your child called you and ask for a souveniour? Definitely a toy right?

So why not this time you try to change it by giving them an animal masks? Yup, maybe that will be the best gift ever because you can take a picture of them and put it in your frame. I think it will be more fun if you buy one for yourself and also for your wife so that you can play together with your child. Don't just give them a toy, doll or something likt that.

So how?
Does it sound good for you and your family?

North Face for traveller.

Guys, this is th latest collection from North Face. If you're a perosn who are into outdoors and travelling, this collection will be your best choice because currently they have many design and stuff for you to choose.

From backapacks, jackets and clothes, it's all in here. I'm sure you will like it because many happy customers said the same thing after they bought their merchandise. So if you have a time, just head over to their site and find your own favorite stuff there.

Don't bring jewelry on your holiday.

As it said above, don't ever try to bring too much jewelry on your holiday unless you are on your luxury holiday. It's will put your life in a danger because bad people will always looking for your jewelry.

So as an alternative, you can wear a simple accessories or a fake jewelry because you've got nothing to loose if something bad happen to you. As we know, robbery and pick pocket is everywhere, so act smart.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nice bath after a long trip.

Just came back from your holiday trip?
Well, maybe you need a rest and a good bath after a long journey. So how about take a good bath with this new sensational showers from

This is one of the famous showers from It is a Titan Triple concealed 3/4" thermostatic shower valve with 8" fixed shower head and 4 body jets. Can you imagine how it feel when you take a bath with this great sensational showers?

One more things that you should know about this website is they have many bathrooms and kitchens stuff. I bet you will feel a little bit of confuse to choose which one is the suitable for your house. It's a wide range of home and living store that you're looking all this time. But nevermind, you still can ask for a help from their customer support.

Taps also provides many type of payment method but I really hope that one day, will provide a payment via Paypal. I'm sure this is a good news for all of us!

Furniture for summer!

I just found one website that caught my attention. Actually, I am a big fan of a solid wood furniture and this site really makes my day. What I mean is I just got one more great site to be in my favorite list of wooden stuff so by next time, if I want to look for a "wooden furniture", teak patio furniture is already in my list. has a lot of wooden furniture such as teak tables, teak chairs, teak benches, teak loungers, furniture sets and teak accessories. They also have the homeliving stuff for us to choose.

But I have a good news to share with you about this site. What I like most about this online store is they have many types of payment method. What I'm trying to say is if you don't have any credit card, they still accept a transaction via Paypal. Now this is great because not all us have a credit card right?

If you're a person who love this kind of teak furniture
, make sure you give your first visit to the site and I'm sure you can find something to put in your landscape for this summer.

HGH- portable for your holiday journey.

Still remember my previous report on how to make a perfect preparation before going for a holiday?
This time, I want to share with about HGH that you can bring together when you're on your holiday.

HGH is a doctor-prescribed human growth hormone injections in an orally active spray. You don't have to do a plastic surgery to make yourself look more younger because with this human growth hormone, people will see you fresh and more natural.

Get more info from the spray from their website now at!

Streamyx stupid!

I am so angry with my broadband service tonight. It really makes my job difficult because I can't even login to my blogger account. It takes more than 10 minutes for me to get a full load.

I;m not sure the reason but this is too much. I pay the bill on time all I got is a 3rd class service. If only I can throw this modem to the person incharge, definitely I will do it. Who want to bear all the lose that I made tonight?

Why they can't understand our problem?
Why they still keep promote the new cheap RM30++ line but at the same time they not try to solve the RM80++ like what we using currently?

All I can say, that RM30++ really make the bandwith explode!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

International Arts Festival in Perth.

I never know about this festival before but after I look for more info about it, I am so surprised because this is the oldest international arts festival in Australia. Yup, Perth International Arts Festival is the oldest international arts festival in Australia. The festival was created in 1953 by the University of Western Australia. This festivals will make Perth city become a busy city in summer and I bet all
Hotels in Perth
will be fully book.

Australia has many attractions that everybody want to. Not only this arts festivals, Australia also famous of their big cities. Big city like Adelaide and Melbourne also got it's own attractions.

Adelaide is the city where there's always something on. Not only that, Adelaide also famous of their festivals , food, arts, culture, shopping and sports. That's why most of the tourists will give their first priority for their accommodation. But since they can get a best rate from all
Hotels in Adelaide
, now they can stay more longer.

As I said, there is a way for you to get a best rate per night. The only thing that you should know is how to get it. is a good site to find it.
Melbourne Accommodation
will not give you any problem because with, can get as low as $59 per night for a 2 STAR hotel. It's pretty cheap right?

So if you want to start your Australia travelling for your next summer, Melbourne also is a great place to start off before you attend the International Arts Festival in Perth.

Do I need to change the template again?

I just saw a template for travel blog like this just now. What I can say is the design is very damn beauty and I really want to have it. But I just use this design for 3 months only. I'm so confuse because I still like the current design. If you want to know what kind of design that I'm talking about, you can see it at

What do you think?
Do you think I should change this blog's template?
Or do you feel this template still suitable?

Anycomment or opinion, feel free to say it in the comment box and if you have a template to recommend, why not share with me here.

Thanks guys!

Conservatories- holiday at your home.

I always watch a documentary about life at Travel and Living channel. Once I have a chance to watch the life of the resident of U.K and the best part is when they show a new trend of the home owner that using their extra space at their home for Conservatories.

It's like a holiday at your home but this time, you will see the world transparently from your conservatories. It looks so unique and certainly this is one of the great home improvement from U.k resident that every country should have.

Get some rest after your holiday.

Plan and preparation is one of the most important factor to determine the impact of your holiday. This is the basic element that we always forgot. If we don't make a proper plan and preparation for it, we will feel so tired after we came back from our holiday. What I'm trying to say is it will give a bad effect to our daily job later.

How can that be?
This is true because many of us don't realise of this situation. The fact is, we need to give ourselves at least one day to relax at home before we go to. Make sure we reach our home one day extra before the work day start because there's a lot of things to do after a long holiday. maybe you can help your wife to clean your house of something like that.

By doing that, you will never feel tired to start your work back!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rehab first, then holiday.

This is one of the important tips that you should know before you go for a holiday. If you bring your own prescription drug, make sure you declare it first because some countries will gonna strict with drugs case.

You also don't want to face any fussy investigation process from their authority team right? Perhaps, they will not relate you to any drug rehabilitation in the future. Remember, preparation is the best way to cure.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Missionary travel agency.

This is my first post about missionary travel. Normally, I prefer to make an entry about normal travel agency. So for those who never heard of missionary travel before, you just come to the right blog at the right post and at the right time.

This is something related with a good thing. What I mean is missionary travel is offering a unique flights for individual, church groups, or missionary organizations. They offering an easily flight and the lowest travel airfare as long as it's for a good intention and also for a nice people. They have different missionaries that are delighted to assist in the evangelistic spread of the gospel and that's include pastor, a Bible college instructor and also and a former child-care worker.

These people is serving for God. So just spread out this good news in your blog. No matter who are we (Muslim, Buddhism, Christian or Hinduism), we have to support it because good thing must not be stopped!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

New style of bedding.

Looking a gift for your boyfriend?
Forget all that roses and electronic devices. Try give him a something that different. Give him something that memorable. Make her happy as you can.

Teen Bedding is the perfect choice for you because Vision Bedding has all it takes. What I'm trying to say is is not like what you see at the picture above, but you also can find comforters, blankets, duvet covers and also pillows.

By doing this, he will always remember you whenever he lay her body on her bed. It also look pretty cute because the sentimental value is there. As I said, try to make a different.

Hey, I can't say much about Teen Bedding because there's a lot of stuff there in their website. You have to see it yourself and then, make your decision. Not only Military Bedding, Motocross Bedding and a Race Car Bedding, they also have various design for Skateboard Bedding. It'a all for men!

By the way, it should be no problem to buy it because if you don't have a credit card, they still can accept Paypal transaction.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tension Where It Belongs

Finding a new trade show display can cause tension if you're not sure what to look for, but with ExhibitDEAL you can get tension fabric displays that will ease your mind and increase your sales.

Entasi Tension Fabric Displays are the newest trade show display to be offered by ExhibitDEAL and they have graphics that will blow your mind. If you're looking to upgrade your trade display, I can't think of a better way to go than with an Entasi Display.

Fireplace mantels.

Sure, you've found the fireplace that you want, but you want to match the marble in your kitchen to the fireplace in your living room. Thanks to Agee Woodworks you can get marble, granite, and slate fireplace facing kits that will let you upgrade the look of your wood or ventless gas fireplaces with the stone facings that you want to match the rest of your house.

They're experts at helping you to find the fireplace mantels, surrounds, facings, and cabinets that will give your fireplace the personal touch. I can't think of anybody else I'd rather go to for my fireplace needs, and I'm sure you'll feel the same way after you visit them. Check them out today and see if I'm not right.


Ok, so I know that you're probably already familiar with Wilmer Valderrama's show on MTV, "Yo Momma," but what you might not know is that MTV just recently started an online part to the show - it's basically an enormous online bank of yo momma jokes and slams.

Check it out at and you can start battling other users around the world, or come check out their yomomma myspace page to meet other people that are just as interested in Yo Momma as you are.

Dating in Latino style.

Free dating sites are great for beginners of the online dating game. Like this latin singles site, you can have a big chance to meet more friends. Not to say that you will meet Rosalinda or Rebecca, but I'm sure you will find your own one because latina dating is one of the most popular way to spread the love. Don't you think so?

If only I can meet Rosalinda alone, definitely I will be the lucky man in this world because Latin communities also provide opportunities for we to set up the perfect romantic dating experience. So if you want to find your true friends in this site, you only have to do a simple word search. Then sign up and get in touch. Simple isn't it?

Good preparation before go for a holiday.

Holiday will mean nothing if we can't enjoy it. This will happen if we don't make a good preparation as well. So here is some tips that might be useful for you:

1) Never bring too many clothes.
2) Don't forget to get the full address of the courier service because you can post your merchandise to your office or your home. This can reduce your luggage "weight".
3) If you think you're too allergic with unfamiliar foods, don't ever forget to bring your colon cleanse because you know that you need it in every circumstances.

I will post more tips in my next entry. So stay tune.

Guest family in my blog.

How was your holiday?
You just had a good time with your family isn't it?
By the way, when you will share with me your happy moment because I would like to tell you here that I want to hear a good stories from you. Yup, I will put your story here in this blog every weekend. 5 families will get their chance to be my guest family.

No matter your picture is full of costume jewelry or just a normal shot, it doesn't matter. So how? Interested? Do contact me allright!


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